Dimension 1100/B110 Drivers

I piurchased 3 Dimension 1100/B110's for our church last year.  The hard drive failed on one of the machines and I replaced it.  The machines have/had a restore partion, thus did not come with a reinstall CD.  I reinstalled XP using the disk from my XPS600.  So far, so good.
Now finding the right drivers is giving me fits.  I downloaded the drivers from Dell Support that were suggested by the machine's Service Tag, but there seems to be a total mismatch between what I have downloaded and the onboard network, audio and modem hardware on the machine...  thus I cannot connect to the Internet even to seek help.
Is there something I can pull off one of the other machines, especially for the network drivers?
Any thoughts?  
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Re: Dimension 1100/B110 Drivers

try to click warranty information on this page,
click warranty status,
then original system configuration,
put your service tag in and you will see a long list of computer parts.
this are the parts installed on your computer.
try to look for an entry that says modem, audio and NIC.
try to match them with the ones found on downloads page.
if there are no entries for NIC and audio, you need to download the following files instead as they are included in the mobo (they are called integrated devices); R105155.EXE (audio driver) and R105786.EXE (network/NIC).
hope this helps you.... Smiley Happy
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Re: Dimension 1100/B110 Drivers

I bought a B110 from Dell's outlet last year too.

I called up Tech Support and asked them to send me the re-install CDs for all the
programs installed on my PC including XP Home. The CDs were sent to me free of charge.
You might want to do this for future reference.
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