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Hi there, first time poster on here Smiley Happy

I just feel I had to say something as getting sick of dell support!
Got my Area 51 ALX in 2010, current spec:
1.5tb hdd
i7 980x
12gb ram
and all the usual stuff with the alx.

Now the problem :
in 2011 PSU blew, a tech came out and replaced, then in 2012 PSU blew, tech came out and replaced again.
beg 2014 PSU blew again, tech came out had a refurb one that was faulty so came back again and replaced. That was last month
Turned on the other day PSU gone again! that's 1 month later!.
so to recap

12/03/2011 - new psu

14.12.2012 - new psu

04/03/2014 - refurb faulty before fitting

05/03/2014 - new psu

03/04/2014 - BLOW AGAIN

Is this really acceptable for such an expensive machine? Its never been tampered with apart from dell engineers

now 1 month after the last needing another one.

I have a tech coming out Monday to replace again but im beginning to think its another underlying problem.

The unit is out of warranty now and was since late 2013 but the psu is still under warranty.

My argument is why did they not the second time check the system properly or even the third? and surely they cannot use the out of warranty card as if they had repaired it properly in the first place then it would not keep blowing psu and the issue was obviously present during the warranty and just not checked properly

Nothing is overclocked and my Aurora r3 (875w psu) is on the same power supply in the house and runs fine and has done since I got it.

Im just getting sick of worrying that everytime I turn it on that it will blow the house fuse again.

Basically im just getting views of whether it would be worth going to the courts if its not rectified "properly" on Monday and it is obviously not "fit for purpose" esp at it cost a small fortune.

PSU is a 1200w version

Thanks and sorry for the rant Smiley Happy

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RE: Sick of my Area 51 ALX PSU

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Best to this post in the Alienware Owners Club Forum, here:




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