unable to connect to P2P networks

optiplex gx150- I had p2p software that worked for awhile, and now I can't get connected.  The error message simply says "unable to connect" or the status remains "connecting" without ever connecting.

Is this a firewall or something that perhaps my network has put in place? How can I tell and be sure so I dont think the system is broken?

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Re: unable to connect to P2P networks

What P2P network /software u using?
Some software/networks allow you to connect even if ALL your ports are blocked. Although you will get much slower performance.
Some P2P software/networks will NOT alow you to connect if the required ports are blocked.
I used to use "WinMX" and it will stay connecting for about 30mins before telling me that my ports are blocked.
I now use "eMule" and if i have the required ports blocked it just will connect me a little longer and will give me slow downloads and searches. It will also give me less sources to download off of.
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