xps m2010 connection to bluetooth keyboard and mouse lost.

After downloading several "recommended" and "urgent" downloads from the Dell on line support service it appears that my bluetooth module does not exist any more even though the blue light on system is lit. No pairing will take place using all suggested methods: holding pairing button on system then holding keyboard button (4-5 secs), doing same after powering off and then powering up, dowbloading various recommended upgrades suggested by Dell for repairing problems with bluetooth module, when I try to change bluetooth settings to enable discovery I get an error saying that "An error occurred while windows was saving your settings. The bluetooth device might be unplugged.
The folowing settings were not saved:
Discoverability settings
Connection settings"
I have had to purchase a $30 usb keyboard and a similar mouse to avoid being completely locked out!!!
Has anyone experienced this failure and do you hve any possible solutions?
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