Eql Replication via non ISCSI Subnet

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Hi, I want to replicate across the WAN between our Equallogic SAN (both PS6210)

At the moment, our networking dept will not allow ISCSI traffic to route out through the normal network across the WAN, so i wanted to see if I could do something different.

Our ISCSI subnet is 10.0.16.x and 10.0.36.x

Can I convert the management port to be both management and ISCSI traffic? This port is placed on the LAN subnet and I could setup a replication partnership on the management IP, and use it for both management and replication.

Not too sure if this is something that is possible or not.



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RE: Eql Replication via non ISCSI Subnet

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 I'm sorry but no.  A management port can only be used for Mgmt functions, it will never pass iSCSI or replication traffic. 

 Replication will only use iSCSI ports.  Since that's what kind of traffic is used.  Replication is an iSCSI connection between the partners. 

 So unfortunately, you'll have to convince them to change their minds.  They can limit the traffic to port 3260 and ICMP between all the EQL iSCSI ports on each side if that helps? 



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