Dell Inspiron mini 10 wireless adapter connection


Today I have received a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (refurbished).  Needless to say it came in the package without a manual of any sort. Booted it up, completed the windows xp setup.  I then went to network connections, right clicked on wireless connection to view available wireless networks and received the following message where there should be a list of available wireless connections :

                                                                                      Windows cannot configure this wireless connection.

                                      If you have enabled another program to manage this wireless connection, use that software.

              If you want Windows to configure this wireless connection, start the Wireless Zero Configuration service...etc


I have checked to see if the wireless zero configuration is enabled and it is set to automatic.

There is no wireless switch on the notebook anywhere. I have also tried pressing FN and F2 at the sametime to attempt to activate the wireless adapter. 

Any help would be appreciated. I am beginning to suspect I have received a notebook with a faulty wireless adapter built in.

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