Font size impossible to change

I have an Inspiron 8100 with a GeForce2Go nvidia card. There is no way to enlarge the text size in window text box. The default font size is so small, maybe 6pt that text is very difficult to read in many windows, particularly AOL or other internet sitesThis text is large compared to what i am seeing. I tried changing everything changeable. 1400X1050 is what the computer says is the optimum display setting. It's crazy. The dell online tech didn't believe you couldn't change it, but couldn't figure out how to himself.
Can anyone please tell me how to change the font size to something readable. Thanks
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Re: Font size impossible to change

  1. Control Panel->Display->Appearance tab.  Font Size pull-down is bottom left.
  2. Control Panel->Display->Settings tab->Advanced button.  Set DPI to 120.
  3. Internet Explorer menu bar: select View->Text Size

Play around with combinations of these -- and also desktop icon size and spacing -- to get things the way you want.

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