What does Whr mean?

I need get some idea of how long a fully charged battery will last.  We just purchased the 132 Whr 16-cell Secondary Battery for a CEO.  I am not sure what the means.  I assume it means Watt-hour but do not have any idea how that translates to real world usage.
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Re: What does Whr mean?

a 16 cell battery should last a lot. biggest battery ive heard of.
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Re: What does Whr mean?

The number only has relevance when comparing batteries. A 132 Whr battery will last about twice as long as a 66 Whr battery. How long it actually lasts depends upon the power management settings and the way the laptop is used.

Power management can cause some inconvenience, at least until it is matched to the user's patterns, but when properly applied can significantly add to the battery life. Teaching the user to disable the radio when not in use (Fn-F2) can also help.
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