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Dell RAM Upgrade

I am looking at getting a 2019 Dell Inspiron 7000 2 in 1 Business Laptop. It has 16GB of RAM installed onboard. I want to be able to upgrade it to 32GB of RAM. It has the capacity for another 16GB stick. Will it add the RAM?

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Re: Dell RAM Upgrade

That would depend on your particular notebook by Service Tag number.

To get this information you need to log on to support, enter your model number and most importantly Enter your Service Tag Number. 

That will open all the hardware information on your Particular notebook, You should download and read your Service Manual there you will find out how to open your notebook you can read the service manual about adding RAM and see for yourself what is actually in there. 

You must be planning on running a few VM to need 32GB of RAM? 16  is more than enough for just about everything else. Maybe large CAD files or Large Video Files?

I think if I needed 32GB I would order my unit with that much RAM installed that way there will be no surprises

My Inspiron 13 2-1 7000,  actually 7386 came with the RAM soldered onto the Motherboard with no possibility of upgrading  

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