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Factory Reset G3

Dell G3 15 3500

I have a Dell G3 3500. I had tried factory reset of the Laptop by using Dell SupportAssist. There were 2 options after booting.

1- Rest to Factory Setting (Local in-built Factory reset which came with the Laptop from the beginning)
2- Reset and Update (Recommended)

At first, I had tried the 1st option. It didn't resolve my issue. Then I tried the 2nd one. After resetting the laptop by using the 2nd option, I found that the 1st option is not available anymore. I am unable to select the 1st option anymore (The option was there but unable to select). 

I have tried downloading the Dell OS Recovery Tool which build a bootable USB recovery drive. It completely changed all the recovery data & partitions of the SSD.

I want to get back the previous In-build Factory reset data/partitions on my SSD. I want my Laptop to be in a state as it was while I had purchased it. How to get it back? How to do that?

NB- I have another Laptop of exactly same model and it is working fine. It has all the inbuilt factory set data/setting available in its SSD. Can i somehow copy that?

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Why do you want the DELL recovery partitions over Windows own system restore and recovery partition, the problem with the OEM recovery partitions is as Windows upgrades and the world moving forward the old DELL recovery partition is years behind in OS versions. ?

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