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Four service visits. Three motherboard changes. Dead laptop.


This is my 10th year as a Dell owner and I'd like to detail my experience and explain my current problem.

The first laptop I ever bought was in 2010, a Dell Studio 17. Had to have the screen changed ('dead' vertical lines on the screen) under warranty. It later developed a screen flicker problem which would get worse and worse to the point where it was unusable. But by then it was out of warranty. Fortunately, some blessed soul posted a solution to it on an online forum - disconnecting the touchpad solved that problem (and I didn't mind using a USB mouse). 

But I loved that laptop so when it was time for a replacement I happily opted for a Dell Inspiron 15 7577 with a next day onsite warranty service. The last part was really important to me as I also use the system for work as well and any downtime needs to be minimal.

To begin with, it was supposed to arrive bundled with MS Office 2016 but came only with a trial version of Office 365. It took a week of phone calls to get that sorted out.

Within the year, I got my first dead pixel, which I thought I could live with. But then I got another and another. At the 5th dead pixel, I requested a screen replacement and got my first visit by a Dell technician.

In its second year, the laptop started emitting a hard rattling sound in the left fan. I got in touch with Dell who dispatched a technician with a replacement motherboard-fan package.

Within hours of his leaving, I realized the battery wasn't charging. On start-up, I would get a "power adapter not recognized" warning (which is apparently a problem many Dell users have faced). So now the laptop would only work when connected to power.

I contacted Dell who asked me to verify that everything else was working at which point I realized I'd gotten two new dead pixels - but they weren't that noticeable so I asked them not to bother with a screen change.

Last week I got my third visit by a Dell technician, he swapped out the motherboard and changed the power adapter. Now it wouldn't even boot. So I went from having a laptop that would only run on power to one that wouldn't run at all. 

Today I had my fourth service visit. This time he brought a replacement power adapter, power cord, power socket, and motherboard. Swapped all the parts out but it still wouldn't boot. The technician was flummoxed, saying he'd done everything he could possibly do. 

Naturally, I asked him if I could get a replacement laptop. He called up the Dell dept/service that deals with this matter and got a firm negative. They said I have to mail the laptop to Dell who will keep it for about a week after which they'll either send it back or send me a replacement.

So, at this point, I get the sense that Dell sees me as a problem customer rather than a customer with a problem PC. What also worries me is what problems lurk in store for me in the future, especially once my warranty expires.

I don't know if anybody else has been in the same position but really welcome any advice.

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Re: Four service visits. Three motherboard changes. Dead laptop.

No advice about your current situation.

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