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So let me begin it this way...

Family Members (FM) - "Since you want a high end laptop why not take Mac? Why Dell?" 
ME: "I've been using Dell since 7 years...I think I'll stick to DELL" (MISTAKE NO 1 - Ignoring the suggestion)
FM: "Are you sure! Think over!"
Me: "I have my loyalties with Dell...I won't change my mind. (MISTAKE NO 2 - Not seeing the warning)

What next? I go and make my purchases and show my devotion to Dell!!!

Day 5 of purchase - Noticed Touchpad Issue
Step taken: Contact Dell for immediate assistance. To my surprise, I realize during my call with the CSE that my warranty expires in 1 month!! (READ - DAY 5 from purchase of laptop)
Action: I send my bill as proof, they rectify it. Then they mention, the touchpad will also be replaced as they agreed its faulty. 

Day 15 of purchase - Screen freeze, start bar freeze
Step taken: Contact Dell, they take remote access. Make some settings, ask me to observe system and revert. 

Day 20 - Not just facing screen freeze and start bar freeze issue, now my application and task bar also freezes! 
Step taken: Contact Dell, they take remote access. Make some settings, ask me to observe system and revert. 

Day 25 - Wohi rona dhona!!! 
Step taken: Contact Dell, they take remote access. Make some settings, ask me to observe system and revert.

After a MONTH, with this constant emails and support, (trust me I can now write a manual of instructions on how to give remote access to Dell, contact so many times) they finally mention I should get my OS reinstalled. 

Take backups, get the OS reinstalled! 

Outcome: My wifi started giving trouble too. 

Solution: Maam please install CCleaner, disable skype to run on start of window and your problem will be sorted. (In my mind, wow really!)

I patiently agree (although I know it's the silliest suggestion ever), and for what?
To continue facing this issue.

Here comes the new twist: My laptops start heating up so much that I can probably use it to heat my food(This is Dec month where the temp was almost between 12 - 20 degree C!! And TRUST me when I say this... I try to use my tablet and realize my USB Port doesn't work either...What next...The fans (2 fans) don't work too!!! 

This went on for SIX MONTHS!!! Finally, most of my hardware was replaced after loads of issues and misbehaviour faced by CSE.

Outcome: I'm still facing multiple issues and have no solution. 

Frustrated I asked to speak to a higher authority and get a call from Escalation team...

6 months of being PATIENT and POLITE and I get to hear 'Ma'am please try to understand'

TRY TO UNDERSTAND? DID I just hear TRY to UNDERSTAND coz I was asking questions for a solution and was frustrated (Imagine my time, resource, and money put in - I'm a freelancer, every minute for me counts). 

Here I am finally with no solution...all I'm told to do is reinstall my OS (which mind you was already done prior as well with no success)


My laptop is not for experiment purpose, where each CSE keeps changing some or the other settings and tells me oh this setting was missing and that setting wasn't enabled and what not!!!

Disheartned, Irked, Vexed DELL USER!!!
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The freezing and crashing issues are not related to dell per se.    I have lots of clients that get clobbered by Feature Updates from 1703 to 1709 etc.  Then get hammered again with the flash updates and the Security Rollups. You didn't say what model Dell nor what OS version. Reinstalling doesn't help when feature updates and security roll ups come like a bad penny over and over again. The other Issue I have with 10 is all the background nonsense that lags the machine.  I end up turning ALL LIVE TILES OFF on the start menu one at a time.  I turn ALL NOTIFICATIONS OFF,  I turn CORTANA to OFF and a lot of other things. Microsoft isn't taking accountability for any of this but I can tell you from direct experience that its not going to change and is not related to Dell or any other vendor for that matter.

Go to Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update>Advanced options>Choose how updates are delivered>Updates from more than one place = Off.

Another setting is power where it turns hard drive off every 20 minutes.  Change this to 480 minutes.  Same with display etc.

Change Performance options to HIGH performance not power saver or balanced.



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