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Inspiron 15z 5523 replace touch digitizer with a non-touch

Hello everyone

The Digitizer glass from my inspiron has cracked and I want to fix that. As the prices for a new part wouldn't worth it, I am considering to replace it with a non-touch part and that could be only the frame with no glass.

Does anyone know if it would be compatible, or any other suggestion?

Thanks everyone in advance

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Sadly no one has replied this thread yet. Im in the very same situation.  

You'll also need at least the wiring harness (which will be different between touch and non-touch).  You may need a new upper assembly as well including the hinges.

Try - they can likely point you to what you'll need to do the swap.


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You can change a touchscreen to non touchscreen but you will need the whole screen assembly for non touch Dell 15z 5523. You can find this for cheap in E-Bay. I hope this helps.

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