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Inspiron 17 7706 2-in1: burning hot

Brand new 11/2021. Why would this laptop be running hot? Haven't even loaded my highly demanding science software apps. This is a 64 GB RAM with 2 TB storage specifically for such work. 

What gives? How to fix? Or just return?!

This is the first laptop I've ever had with this issue. Very disappointed. 

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Thanks, LSUfan51. Was done as soon as new laptop was received.


Good thinking!

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Another topic...if you set the laptop to "Best performance" the CPU will overclock until the critical core temperature is reached. So it will bring best performance also for single threaded applications but running hot. I set it like this if I docked the laptop and fans are running more or less continuously.

You can see that in e.g. HW Monitor. This is a Intel feature but perhaps this is the reason you see increased temperature.

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