Integrated Data Protection Appliance(IDPA/PPDP)

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IDPA 101 - PowerProtect DP Series Appliance


 “Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA)” is now called “PowerProtect DP Series Appliance


General Documentations:

- The Dell EMC PowerProtect DP Series Appliance Info Hubs organize the documentation for all releases.

- The Dell EMC Avamar Info Hubs organize the Avamar documentation for all releases.

- SolVe is a customer portal that services all DellTechnology products, it provides Install, Upgrade and Maintain documentation.

- Compatibility guide gives list of software which are compatible with each other.



- This article will guide you to find out Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) basic information such as IDPA Model, Serial Number, Components Version, IP Address, FQDNs, LDAP, Service Tag Information, and other Information.

- This article is intended to show the preferred method for IDPA administrators to open a new Support Request with Dell Technology.

- This KB covers how to log in to the different IDPA systems using either user interface (UI) or command-line interface CLI).

- This article provides steps to properly shut down an IDPA appliance using Appliance Configuration Manager (ACM) Dashboard and integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) interface.

- IDPA: SSL Certificate change for all IDPA point-products.

- IDPA changing passwords from the ACM Dashboard fails to change Avamar Utility Node OS passwords and reports errors.

- This article explains how to expand storage on the DP4400 Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA).

- This KB article provides the procedure for changing DNS servers in a deployed Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA).

- IDPA DP4400 - Process to Reset Initial Public facing IP addresses for ACM and ESXi Host.



- The issue normally occurs when the proxy fails to un-mount the disks after a successful backup causing a locking issue.

- This KB Article is a resolution path for IDPA Internal VM backups and covers several scenarios to remediate Internal VM backup failures.

- This KB Walks you through the different steps involved with Cloud Tiering and walks us through configuration, management and troubleshooting steps with cloud tiering.

- Avamar: Data Domain Capacity Resolution Path.

- Integrated Data Protection (IDPA) Avamar introduction, and troubleshooting.

- Overview of Data Protection Central from a support view.

- PowerProtect DP Series appliance and IDPA: DP4400 Networking and Initial Connectivity Resolution Path.


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