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Isilon deployement questions

New to this. We have one groupnet, one subnet, and one pool. Our Isilon is conneted to Cisco switches and contains 4 nodes. Mode is static and we are using configured node IP to access onefs. The video below explains if i understand right, using subnet 0 for accessing onefs and the subsequent subnets for smb file share.

Isilon Front-End Deployment Part2-Isilon Array Configuration

Is our configuration wrong.

Also If I add more subnets/pools what would be the configuration on cisco end. Do i have to add static routes to point to isilon for the new IP pool range or use vlan tagging and change to cisco port to trunk for the new vlan.

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Isilon Best Practice is to use Access Zones, but if you don't have many other BUs using Isilon, you can use System zone. 

Point of Access Zones is for multi-tenancy usage.

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