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isilon smartpool polices

Hey isilon expert , 

I am in situation  where where i have 3 below policies 

1.A move data to Z

2. B move data to Y

3. C Move data to W

4. Default 

since i have to run only 3 policy when i should trigger the smartpool job. Is there anyway to do it 

i don't want to delete the existing polices of the  file pool polices . but want to run single one .

Appreciate your response - we are running on OneFS 8.1. All the pools are internal no cloud pool. 


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If your filepool policies A, B, C are path-based, you can use

isi filepool apply --path=/isi/path-for-A --recurse

In more recent versions of OneFS, there is also the more efficient SmartPoolsTree job type available in the job engine.

However, if your filepool policies are based on other criteria, such as file sizes of time stamps, I'm not aware of any automated way native to OneFS. Of course, you could use a standard UNIX "find" with parameters mimicking the filepool criteria in question, followed by a plain (non-recursive) "isi filepool apply" on the matching files. 


-- Peter

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