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Alienware 15r2


I've bought Alienware 15r2  on december 2015.

I have an issue with battery:

It holds charge only 2 hours. During this time I don't play games only surf in  the internet (I read text)

But it's said that it would hold charge for 5 hours on different forums

Is it battery issue?


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Hi EUGENE1988,

Do you use the system only to surf the internet? Do you watch any online videos? What is the battery specification on the system? Are you using the original Dell OEM adapter?

Update the BIOS - this was recently released.

Restart the system and press f2 on startup to enter BIOS - check the adapter status and the battery health in BIOS (if applicable).

Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.

Also, run a custom test through Support Assist - 

When you purchased the system, during the first few months, how much backup did you happen to get?

If the system is under warranty, Please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email). If there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -

Keep us updated.

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Thanks for immediate reply

1. I installed latest bios version and completed all diagnostic tests. All tests passed successfully.

About backups:

  • I had some problems with sound card  and integrated video card few months ago after windows update.
  • I wrote to your collegues and I installed newest drivers, but it didn't help, so I restored to factory defaults.
  • After that I backuped my os into external HDD

2. I tested my laptop on sunday with full 100% charge( I only opened 1 page in chrome) and it worked only 3 hours 30 minutes without charger. 

3. I use standard alienware 15 r2 charger. Battery also standard

4. My service tag is: <Admin Note: Service Tag Removed as per privacy policy>

Thanks for help


Hi EUGENE1988,

I have responded to your private message. Kindly check and revert.

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