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Cannot reboot, cannot install Windows 7 Os

I have a Dell E6510 Latitude. I have power to the unit. Indicator lights, fan working. Screen is black/blank. Shortcut keystrokes do not work. Unit does not read Windows 7  32-bit install dvd. The software became corrupted by malware. This was the original reason for needing Windows 7 install dvd.

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RE: Cannot reboot, cannot install Windows 7 Os

Hello and good evening

I also have an E6510, great laptop.

If you are able to restart begin tapping the F8 key and a black screen with several options available. Arrow down to "last known good" (Advanced) which will restore your system to the default state.

Are you able to restart and tap the F12 Key for the "one time boot menu?"

If you are then run the diagnostics. Write down any error codes which will provide insight for our forum members to help you.

Perhaps you can use Setup by tapping the F2 key and setting the 7 pages but DO NOT enter a hard-drive password!

With the "Black Screen of Death" these are only suggestions and you may not be able to use any of these methods.

If this is the case call Dell Technical Support if your system is still under warranty.

DO NOT use the "out of warranty" technicians unless you want to shell out a bit of money. The division is worthless and you will receive abundantly more help from our forum members, some I think are/were in Technical Support? However, I doubt this as I have asked several actual Technicians and they all gave the same answer: " I look at some of the posts" and that is all. Perhaps there is a Dell Protocol preventing them to become involved


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