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D6000 docking station does not charge iphone unless laptop is turned on.

I just installed a brand new D6000 docking station.  Everything is working perfectly.

However, I noticed that my wireless headset and my iPhone are not charging while plugged into the docking station until I turn on my computer.  I would like to have these ports providing continuous charging power to these two devices, regardless if the laptop is even plugged in, let alone turned on.

Is there a way to change setting to make this happen?   Thank you for your support as always.



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Re: D6000 docking station does not charge iphone unless laptop is turned on.


There isnt a CPU in the Dell 452-BCYT ,  There are no "Settings" in a passive dock.  Iphone won't accept charge from a HUB/DOCK.

Iphone's are not dell products and not supported here.

There may be a power share setting to turn on usb power when the laptop is off.


So no there is no way to fix that which is not broken.

It is made for

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