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DELL 5110 starting problem

Dear Sir,

I Have this laptop purchased from South Africa. Now I had given it for repir but vendor is taking so much time. He is not getting parts -

deep switch - it is below power/start butten. (Chip to connect power butten with processor - as he said). he said it is not costly parts but not available in market.

My laptop was not started with power button regularly.... thats why I had given for repir. some times it start and some time I have to push 10-15 times to start.

please advise to get this parts to repair.

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RE: DELL 5110 starting problem

Hi joshihiren23in,

Welcome to community.

Follow below steps to isolate the issue :

  1. Remove any peripheral devices that are attached to the computer.
  2. Please ensure that the battery is fully charged.
  3. Remove the Battery & disconnect the AC Adapter from the system and hold the power button down for 5 seconds, to discharge “Static Flea Power”.
  4. Reseat the battery on the Notebook System, then try to power on the system
  5. Remove the Battery from the Notebook system and try powering on the system using only the AC Adapter
  6. Please ensure that the Power Led on the AC Adapter is lit to ensure the functionality of the AC Adapter, also please try a Know Good AC Adapter if available.

If there is no light at all, the issue might be with the motherboard or the AC Adapter port. This system usually comes with an AC Adapter port. Before replacing the motherboard, I would suggest you to replace the DC-in port. Else, the motherboard would require replacement.

Let me know if your system is in warranty. I would be glad to assist.

Thanks and Regards,
Dell-Mohammed S
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