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Dell Latitude XT3 Power Button

Earlier this week my laptop "died", ended up to be a faulty battery which Dell covered under Warranty. I received a new one the next day. Since then my laptop will not turn on when I press the power button, however if I press the power button on the Dell E-port dock my laptop powers right on no problems. When it is on, the power button backlit is illuminated and all of the buttons next to the power button work i.e. screen rotate, volume, tablet essentials, etc. If I press the power button to shut it off(just to see if it works, I know better than to turn off my computer this way) it does nothing. I figured I'd give a call to Dell support but I'll see if anyone else might know something that I am just not seeing...

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RE: Dell Latitude XT3 Power Button

How did you (or Dell) determine the battery was the cause of death?  Would it boot on AC when docked. I don't know if there is some type of software/hardware that prevents boting from AC only, but on all my laptops (older) from dell used with Dock, I had no probs booting with "dead Batteru" Running alll the time with power connected always ended up in "dead batery " /3-4 mos due to some prob running on AC daily for 3+ Mos. Using Batt Util, could undock and discharge battery and recharge X 2 cycles for proper charge read. Good info on samsung site RE bad impact of charging to 100% and leaving plugged in. Evidently they have a bios/sftware solution to keep charge at 50 or 80% .

Anyway, sounds fishy re batery prob only unless Dell sent Bad replacement. Get at home svc if warrentied as such.

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