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Dell XPS tab problem


I have a Dell XPS running Windows 10. The computer at random times will start moving through the screen as though I am pressing the tab button. It seems to be like a phantom keystroke. I've restarted it in Safe Mode but the problem persists. It does seem that hitting the tab and caps lock keys triggers the problem but other times it will start when I'm not pressing anything. I've run the computer through Dell's diagnostics and it came out fine. I also did a virus check. I also tried cleaning out the keys. No luck.

Any ideas? My son mainly uses this laptop and it's become unusable.

Thank you.

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RE: Dell XPS tab problem

Hi SolNa,

Can you Private Message me your Service Tag (click my name to access this option, and please do not post the tag publically)? Also, when you press F2 at start up (so at the Dell screen and enter the BIOS), or even a command prompt (under safemode options, but outside of Windows) does it do it there? This might just be a faulty keyboard that will need to be replaced.

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