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Error message: Can't find plugins

When I boot my Inspirion laptop, an error box pops up that says "can't find plugins".  The only option is to click "Okay" and the message goes away.  It is a system message because there is a 'dell' icon on the toolbar when it's showing.  I have checked the registry for errors, removed unneeded software, run anti virus and anti malware programs and the message still appears every time I start the computer.  Does anybody know what could cause this?

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Mary G
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RE: Error message: Can't find plugins

Since your error seems related to My Dell or another Dell helper program disable it from starting at boot or uninstall it. You might have already uninstalled it but the Start up Folder still has it listed to start at boot. 

You should say what operating system you have. Look at the Start Up folder and disable ones you don't need to startup at boot.

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