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Factory Image Restore for Inspiron 5737

Hello all,

I need to reset my 1 week old Inspiron 17R (5737) back to initial factory state (i.e., restore to factory image),  I have to install a certain application under Win 8.0 and I already upgraded to Win 8.1.  The usual procedure, according to Dell documents, is to shutdown and repeatedly press <F8> upon restart (before Windows boots up) in order to get the advanced Boot screens.  From there it is just a matter of using the correct menus to force a reset to factory image.

 I have tried this repeatedly, and my system does not respond to repeated pressing of <F8>.

Anyone have a clue how to proceed?:emotion-9:

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Factory Image Restore for Inspiron 5737

I have an two different Dell laptops and to reset to factory I have to hold down the "Shift" while performing a re-boot.

Hope this helps.

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