Latitude 7480 Administrator BIOS password reset

We have a laptop here that an intern typo'd the administrator password twice and now we are trying to take steps into resetting the Bios.  We have tried holding the power button down for 25 seconds (doesn't do system or admin password resets) and we have unhooked the CMOS battery from the machine (as well as taking out the regular battery out while powering it on) to try to force reset the bios.

None of this worked.  Is there a special trick to resetting the bios on these particular laptops?

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RE: Latitude 7480 Administrator BIOS password reset

You need to call Dell to obtain a master reset password.

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RE: Latitude 7480 Administrator BIOS password reset

Thank you for your message.

If the set password hasn't worked, we will need to use the master password.

Please click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.

Once we confirm the ownership details, we will be able to request for the master password.

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