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Latitude e6510 -Palm Rest, Touch Pad -

i aquired this laptop a while ago, and the warranty has expired.

Currently, the mouse pad, touch pad, is acting up. When i place the laptop on a desk, table a flat surface, the mouse pad, when used, skips around. The mouse "pointer" works fine, but i hate that. Yes, i know i could use a external usb mouse.

So, if i place the laptop, on my lap, the mouse moves smoothly with no issue, so i try to place on desk again, it acts up and skips around, i try placing an object underneath to compensate, but cant get it right.

So, as long as i use this on my lap, it works smoothly, but when i use it on a desk, it skips around.

the buttons work great, its just the mouse skips around.

Ive, made sure ive updated all drivers, i have the dell system detect,running i have dell check for drives i need, and im all up to date, at first the drivers were old, and i updated a month ago...everything.

Touchpad privacy?

the dell touchpad software, the first one, had a nice feature, when you place your palm over the mousepad, it would auto-dim the screen, for privacy,,then when i updated to the latest driver/software for mousepad or touch pad, that option had changed  a little, using your 3 fingers this time, but it doesnt work ...at all...

So in closing, the mousepad or touchpad, while using a flat surface or a desk, makes the mouse skip around.

but, using laptop on my lap, which is pretty flat, works smoothly, and doesnt cause any issues.

Options ive done:

-Upgraded all the drivers to latest

-installed/updated the mousepad,dell mouse pad software and drivers

System Specs:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (i installed MY ultimate edition and not the one that came with the dell)

-Dell drivers all updated,installed and working (except the mousepad)

- 4GB of Sys Ram

-Video card, factory, it says 1700mb, but it also says 32mb

The only option i could think that im sure would work, replace the palmrest/touchpad.

But, it would make sense if using on lap and it skips around as well as resting it on the desk, but..it doesnt, just the desk/flat surface is when it acts up.

...this is frustrating to say the least.

is there a trick to this? a Tweak? or a reseating of the palmrest, or a 3rd party driver or a beta...or a different version of a driver old or new that would work.


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