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Multiple Monitors Inspiron 5567

I have a problem connecting multiple monitors on my Inspiron 5567.

I have both the Intel HD graphics 620 and the AMD Radeon R7 M440.

At 1 work location I can use my laptop display and 2 external monitors with no problem. At another work location I can only use my laptop display and either 1 of 2 (bot not both at the same time) external monitors.

Work 1: Monitor 1: I use an HDMI to DVI adapter and Monitor 1 works great. Monitor 2: I use a VicTsing USB to VGA Converter (with its own video card, which uses the latest Fresco Logic driver) and it works great.

Work 2: Here's the problem. Both monitors have VGA only, so I use a Rankie Active HDMI to VGA Adapter Converter for Monitor 1 and that works great. I connect the same VicTsing USB to VGA Converter as above and Monitor 2 displays, but Monitor 1 cuts out and the power light on Monitor 1 just flashes - the monitor seems to detect that something is connected, but can't display anything. As soon as I disconnect the USB to VGA Converter, Monitor 1 works again.

What is going on here?

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RE: Multiple Monitors Inspiron 5567

Hi BartonKJ,

Thanks for posting.

Here is some information you may find helpful, as Dell has not tested the video adapters you mentioned, they would not be supported.  http://dell.to/2uTF4SW

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