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Obtaining, Upgrading, and Imaging an E1505 with Media Direct

Hello all,


I recently encountered the problem related to cloning a hard drive with the Dell MediaDirect software as described in the following article.  (For reference, the system is an Inspiron E1505 with Dell MediaDirect 2.)



In my situation I was upgrading the original 120GB drive to a Seagate 320GB drive.  I have since corrected the truncated data problem and have successfully restored only the OS (Win XP) and data partitions.  Everything boots fine now, albeit without the other Dell partitions.


In the future, I would like to restore the Dell MediaDirect, but that will depend on your experiences and the answers to the following questions.


So, my questions are:


What is the most recent version of MediaDirect that will be compatible with my system?  (Example, v3.5, 3.3, 3.0, etc)


Where do I download or obtain that version?  From other topics I have found that email or chat can get you a disc ordered, but since my warranty is expired I am locked out of those options.  Please note, if someone does have a compatible disc or iso, I will happy to assist in hosting or transferring.  (Assuming of course, this is acceptable by Dell)


Does this version correct the hidden partition and cloning/upgrading problems I am having with my current MediaDirect software?  For example, should my hard drive die, will I have the same problems in restoring an image to a new drive?  Research tells me this only happens with the Host-Protected Area (HPA) and the new MediaDirect versions do not use this.  If it helps, I use Acronis True Image.


I thought I had one more question but it has completely slipped my mind, hopefully it will come back to me later.


Anyway, I really appreciate any commentary on this topic and particularly your experience if are successfully using a newer version of the media direct and Ghost/Acronis backup and restore features.


Take care,



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Re: Obtaining, Upgrading, and Imaging an E1505 with Media Direct

Hi shosterman, I can help you out here a wee bit. HERE is an dell support journal on media direct, and HERE is an link to an online page where you can order your backup reinstall dvd's, if you live outside the US, then you will have to contact your local dell support.


If my answer Was helpful?  Please let me know by clicking on the 'Did this answer your question' and clicking on the Yes button.  Thanks.



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Re: Obtaining, Upgrading, and Imaging an E1505 with Media Direct


Thank you for the very prompt reply.  I do remember reading the first article (Reinstall MediaDirect 3.0 or 3.0) briefly and will certainly need it later.  Also, thank you for the "Request Backup Discs" link, I had not seen that before.  The link states the disc contains the most up to date resource disc available.  I assume that means it will contain the most recent drivers and software available to my system.  Therefore, theoretically including the most recent compatible version of MediaDirect for my system.  My worry is, it will only contain the resources from the "Drivers and Downloads" section, which does not appear to include the MD software.

Whatever the case, I will find out once I order it!

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