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Online diagnostics don't work

Hi, my name is Daniel. I'm having a problem with your Diagnostics tool. My laptop's hard drive just failed, I run the onboard Dell Diagnostic tool and it gave me an 2000-0142 error with a validation code. I wrote down those errors and then typed on the online Diagnostic tool you have on the website (at support.dell.com). It confirmed my error and took me to a screen where I needed to put my name and address so Dell will send me a replacement hard drive. All good until I tried to click the "Continue" button at the bottom and it does nothing. Tried it several times with multiple browsers, even with my phone it does the same. That's the kind of quality I can expect from Dell? I will need to call Dell to send a replacement? Thank you in advance.

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RE: Online diagnostics don't work

I'd suggest you contact Dell Technical in link below. Hopefully one of the Dell reps see this thread and place an hard drive replacement for you.