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Problems with laptop, please help.

I've a Dell XPS 17 l702x Windows 7 ( 64 bit ) for a long time, finally it said stop, the hard drive burned out, but i just bought 2 new harddrives and installed them, and now the only problem is that i need the 'Dell XPS 17 l702x drivers and utilities 64 bit' DVD.set.

Only to when i am half done installing windows it pops up, and says that  need the DVD to install drivers and there and i am stuf and cant get furtherI. I've looked everywhere and i can only find something what appears to be drivers, but they are all individual downloads and i dont know if i can use that for anything, i dont know if the can be made into a  'Start up DVD'`? . But  if so then i have no idea how to do it.
What i was thinking of if anyone out there know a place where i can buy the DVD installation set or anything?..

Any info helps, i really want this laptop working again, right now i am stuck using this slow laptop made for school work, checking news and stuff, and it not that fun, hehe!. 

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RE: Problems with laptop, please help.


Ideally, while installing Windows, in the midst of installation, it will not ask for the Drivers installation.   

Are you using a Dell OEM OS media? Or are you using a retail OS? Does it complete the OS installation? Are you installing the OS with RAID? At what point does it pop up the window asking to install the driver? Does it relate to any specific driver?

Once the OS installation is complete, one can always install the drivers individually downloading them from the support site - http://dell.to/1VSawrk

Update the BIOS from the support site above and then try installing.

Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.

Keep us updated.

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