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Screen went black on Latitude D630

Hi all,

I was upgrading from Windows Vista Ultimate to 7 Ultimate, and when I got to the activation key screen, the computer screen started flashing and then turned black.  I could not get the screen to turn back on, even though the computer itself was still on.  I had to turn off the computer and when it came back on, the screen had two images, a lot of vertical lines and the color was completely off.  I am not sure if this is a hardware problem or if it is because I did not completely install Windows 7.  Does anyone have any idea?

I have a Latitude D630, and it was running BIOS A16, which was just upgraded from A02.  I don't remember much else about my system.  I looked at my warranty information and it said it was valid until 2011, but it is provided by my university...  Can Dell still help me?  Thanks very much!

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Re: Screen went black on Latitude D630

I believe it was most likely a Video Driver  corruption once you were entering in windows 7 but at this point have you try to reinstall Win 7 or Win Vista.

Dell can help if you verify the information of the system service tag.

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