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Wireless Issues when Docked

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I have a Dell E5540. I recently set up docking after having the dock for over a year. The issue I am having is that when the laptop is docked my wireless connection goes to almost nothing. Less than half a Meg. 

When I pull it out of the dock the wireless jumps to normal. Reading on this issue I found a "workaround". If I open the lid on the laptop while its docked my wireless is normal...close it..and its back to zilch. 

I would think this is a setting somewhere but, so far, nothing is working. 

Any ideas?


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RE: Wireless Issues when Docked

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Hi mcftlf,

Thanks for posting.

The Antenna for the wireless is located in the lid, so when it's closed, it's not receiving a good signal.  Opening the lid exposes the antenna to more signal area to receive the wifi signal.  Best way to resolve this is to use a wired connection when docked, or open the lid.

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