Precision 3510 not a great experience so far

Have to say this workstation is giving me some problems so far that are fundamentally slowing down my work process.

Disk Access at 100% - I realize this has a lot to do with Windows 10 and my slower drive but it gets bogged down so that the mouse stutters in movement and things almost stop. Had to search high and low across the internet for strange little tweaks and things to turn off to get it not do it as much. Everything from turning off notifications to manually setting the page file size.

Intel HD Graphics - Crashes all the time freezing the screen. This is with the latest BIOS and driver updates (on beta 4444 just to see if it helped). Black squares appear in browser windows and in my VMware virtual machines. Since I am back and forth between browsers and VMs and email, I get this crash a lot. Which I could just switch to using the AMD graphics card that could handle everything without issue but it seems this may be architecturally impossible which seems to be a bad choice for a system that is supposed to be this powerful and forward thinking.

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