Unable to save printer settings

I have a laptop and have tried to get a question answered for 2 months, but, since Dell has a lousy excuse for a support team, I've never received any help. How do I save my printer settings? No matter how many times I try to save the settings, it never works, and my printer prints out only very small print. I have an Epson Stylus Photo R800 printer, but, according to Epson's support team, the settings can't be saved from the control panel's printer screen. Neither Microsoft nor   Dell will help me without charging me a fee. What a ripoff.



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Re: Unable to save printer settings

Hi Spinsayarn,

Welcome to the Community. The Epson support team should ideally help you with this, because you need to make the changes on the Epson printer prefrences. To save your printer the settings, click on start, click control panel, click printers, right click on your printer, and click on printing prefrences save your changes there. Since this is 3rd party product, hence there is a charge with Dell.

Hope this helps.

Thank you