FAQ - Laptop battery articles

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FAQ - Laptop battery articles

The Dell battery is a consumable device and its life depletes on every charge cycle. If you keep the laptop connected to charger even after a full charge, it may result in battery life depletion. When NOT gaming, you need to use the laptop on battery power and charge the battery after it drains to 25%. Once fully charged, the charger should be disconnected.

Backpack usage and Laptops
With regards to transporting your laptop, you must first turn the laptop OFF =
* Select the Start button
* Click Power
* Click Shut down
Under no circumstances should you leave a laptop powered on and in any sleep/hibernate/standby mode when placed in a bag, backpack, or in an overhead bin. The PC will overheat as a result of that action. Any resulting damage will not be covered by the Dell warranty.

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What is Modern Standby and how does it differ from S3 Standby?

The battery drains quicker than expected with Modern Standby mode enabled

XPS battery drain while sleeping =
Connected standby is why the battery drains while it is asleep and is working as intended. Connected standby replaces traditional sleep functions and there is no way to disable the function.

The XPS 17 9700/Precision 5750 are equipped with a function known as Battery Power Boost or Hybrid Power. This allows for battery power to supplement the A/C power when the system demands more power than is available through the USB Type-C A/C adapter or USB Type-C dock.

Gaming laptop battery drains when running heavy loading applications with adapter connected = hybrid...
The Inspiron gaming Laptops are designed to support hybrid power mode which takes the advantage of using a lower wattage AC power adapter. When the system total power requirement is more than the capacity of the AC adapter, the system will start consuming the battery power without sacrificing the performance. With this design, you may encounter the battery drain situation when the system is running certain applications such as 3D games which may put both discrete graphics and processor in heavy loading status. This is working as designed.

Performance issue or battery drain while AC adapter is connected

This is not an "issue". This system model uses a hybrid charging method. When you run graphics or CPU intensive application the system will use power from both the battery and the charger to run the process. During this, the battery will drain out even if it is plugged in. This will not be observed if you use non-intensive applications =
15 R3/R4
17 R4/R5
m15 R1/R2
m17 R1/R2
Inspiron 7467
Inspiron 7577
Inspiron G3 15 3579
Inspiron G3 17 3779
Inspiron G5 15 5587
Inspiron G5 15 5590
Inspiron G7 15 7588
Inspiron G7 15 7590
Inspiron G7 17 7790
XPS 17 9700
Precision 5750

* Turn the laptop off
* Disconnect the AC adapter from the laptop
* Remove the battery from the laptop
* Press and hold down the laptop power button for 10 seconds
* Reconnect ONLY the AC adapter to the laptop, no battery
* Press the laptop power button
- If the laptop powers on, the AC adapter and power port are functioning
- If the laptop does not power on, either the AC adapter is faulty or the power port is faulty

* If the laptop powered on in the previous test, turn the laptop off
* Disconnect the AC adapter from the laptop
* Press and hold down the laptop power button for 10 seconds
* Reinstall the battery into the laptop
* Reconnect the AC adapter to the laptop
* Press the laptop power button
- If the laptop does not power on, the battery is faulty

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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