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Brand New 5511 - Loud Fan Noise, Tons of Heat, just sitting on BIOS screen doing nothing.

Brand new out of the box Latitude 5511 with a i7 processor. The fans while sitting on the BIOS screen are probably running at 75% or full speed. The noise level 6 inches from the laptop is 55db.

Waves and waves of hot air shoving out of the vents on the side of the laptop. I didn't even let it boot into Windows, so I just loaded up the F2 setup screen and let it sit there. It's doing nothing but sitting on the BIOS screen and the fans are still just endlessly blasting hot hair at a loud volume.

Nothing obstructing the vents, just sitting on a desk, nothing plugged into it, not even power. Why is this happening?

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Don't know why it was marked as Solved. I un-marked it as Solved.

The only thing I have to add is that the fan noise has calmed down for my users over the past few weeks. Not sure if there was a BIOS update or something else that happened, but I asked my users with 5511s about it and they confirmed that it was loud for a few days when they first got it, but now it's no louder than their other laptops.

@pipppoo Are you running the laptop docked to a WD19TB or other dock?

@AdrianG001 We are all well aware of how CPU load, heat, and fans work. This is a brand new laptop clearly showing a design defect of some sort, and your copy/paste advice about fans and heat makes me roll my eyes. It is not helpful at all given the context of this post and the relatively high end troubleshooting we've already done. In the future I suggest you take a more time actually reading the content of technical posts like this before copy/pasting generic advice which do little but infuriate people who come to the thread looking for an answer.

Welcome everyone.

I am not sure if its possible but has anyone tried Intel Dynamic Tuning???

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Hi, thank you for the response.

No, I'm not using a dock.

I've tried to set the fan speed with i8kctl, but the fan control seems to be overruled by the bios. Using dell-bios-fan-control to overpass this issue does not work:

> sudo dell-bios-fan-control 1
ioperm:: Operation not permitted
ioperm:: Operation not permitted
Segmentation fault

fan1 is still constantly rotating constantly at 4500 rpm, even though the cpu is at 55°C only.

I was able to solve the noise issue. The fan does not run on startup at all:

[0][~]: sensors
Adapter: Virtual device
fan1: 0 RPM

Adapter: ISA adapter
Package id 0: +42.0°C (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
Core 0: +40.0°C (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
Core 1: +40.0°C (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
Core 2: +42.0°C (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
Core 3: +40.0°C (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
Core 4: +40.0°C (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)
Core 5: +39.0°C (high = +100.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)

Even in case of high cpu load the fan speed does not exceed 3400 rpm, which is absolutely ok in terms of noise.

However, I don't know exactly how I solved it as I made a few things at the same time:

1) Update of bios to latest version (Latitude_5X11_Precision_3551_1.4.3.exe)

2) I switched from the nvidia graphics to the intel graphics (run sudo nvidia-settings to do so)

3) I removed three docker images which were running constantly in the background

Hope this helps.

I have same issue.  Had this brand and processor for 6 months.  Runs very hot.  Both times I called into tech support they ran a number of CPU and video stress tests and said everything was within spec and just said these high end processors will run hot.  But I still think there is some correlation between this heat and laptop seems to run slower than my 3 year old Latitude with lower generation i5.

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I had the same issue with my new dell 5511. Constantly heating as air heater or proffessional overloaded noisy rack-mounted server but cpu only 2-5%. I was affraid about electric bills, summer period, my palms and fire in the house. So can't reccomend this model to people who suffer a failure of nerve
After I downloaded and used the Dell Command | Update the issue luckily was over. "Dell command update" updated all drivers to the newest version (February 2021) but bios was untouched (i don't have password) - the bios version is: 1.2.15. After a few days I noticed that headphones wasn't detected. So I found on the dell forum that uninstalling Realtek driver would be the solusion. And in fact it helped, the headphones was detected afer plug in using mini jack connector. Unfortunately after uninstalling Realtek driver, my laptop started to heat and make noise again. So I installed the Realtek driver (6.0.9098.1) using "Dell Command | Update" and now Windows 10 detects headphones and laptop works without overheating and without making noise.

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Same issue with my brand new business laptop (Lattitude 5511 MLK XCTO).

Our IT departement had contact with Dell as more have fan/heat issues but no solution. Lots of Fan noice and lots of heat. Fan is positioned on left side (previously at backside) and Is prettig annoying and is annoying to left hand. IT department suggested wireless keyboard to avoid the heat issue to hand.

I really don’t understand why this happens and is tolerated by our IT department and Dell gets away with it.


I have exactly the same issue with 5411.

I will try what @KarolP has suggested and I will give an update on this thread.

Because of heating and reliability problems building Yocto Linux under Ubuntu 20.04 (admittedly a torture test for a thin laptop) with Turbo Boost turned on, I returned my Dell Latitude 5511 and got a Dell Precision 5550 instead.

It is a beautiful machine - 12 hardware threads (hyper-cores), 1600x1200 graphics, carbon-fiber-looking case, light and thin, with better cooling than the 5511.

The 5550 can do a 4651 task Yocto Linux build in a VirtualBox Ubuntu 20.04 VM running on top of Windows 10 in 70 minutes. That's 20 percent FASTER than the NATIVE Ubuntu 20.04 did the same build on the overheating Latitude 5511. The key is the use a fully pre-allocated-space VDI (not VMDK) virtual disk in VirtualBox - and of course use an M.2 NVME SSD drive. At this point there is no reason to run native Linux on the Precision 5550 - apparently running Linux on a new laptop is a real crapshoot unless the exact model is officially supported by the hardware vendor.

Now, the 5550 doesn't exactly run cool when building Yocto Linux (an incredibly severe torture test) but - unlike the Latitude 5511 - I haven't had any reliability problems.

Bottom line: light, thin laptops have heating problems when doing extended torture tests, but if you don't want to turn off Turbo Boost, the Precision 5550 is a good choice. I can now have Linux and Windows 10 running essentially at full native speeds all the time.

P.S. I did have one unexpected lockup a few days ago (while the system had been idling in Windows only for days) and had to hold down the power button for about 10 seconds (not 5 seconds) to recover. So far the system looks okay, but I had never seen a system where you had to hold down the power button for more than 5 seconds before I started getting these Dell 55xx laptops. The service manual explains the different power button press and hold times, IIRC. So far I'm blaming this last glitch on Microsoft, but I don't know for sure - I wasn't running VirtualBox at the time.

JFYI I did "Dell Command Update" but unfortunately this didn't solve anything. The Computer Latitude 5411 is still overheating and loud fan noisy.

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