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Brand New 5511 - Loud Fan Noise, Tons of Heat, just sitting on BIOS screen doing nothing.

Brand new out of the box Latitude 5511 with a i7 processor. The fans while sitting on the BIOS screen are probably running at 75% or full speed. The noise level 6 inches from the laptop is 55db.

Waves and waves of hot air shoving out of the vents on the side of the laptop. I didn't even let it boot into Windows, so I just loaded up the F2 setup screen and let it sit there. It's doing nothing but sitting on the BIOS screen and the fans are still just endlessly blasting hot hair at a loud volume.

Nothing obstructing the vents, just sitting on a desk, nothing plugged into it, not even power. Why is this happening?

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To prevent my hand of burning, my IT department supplied me with a docking station, a wireless keyboard & mouse and a stand. So no burned fingers anymore. As long as Covid-19 has me locked up at home I am ok. When I have to go to customers again (I am a consultant), I am ... again. Now only the terrible, continuous noise... I can’t wait how customers will react when I present them with a free Fan.

I hope Dell will think of some kind of fix for this.

@JohanTV At this point I would contact Dell support (assuming your laptop is still under warranty) and have them send out a tech to replace whatever they need to inside the laptop.

Use a thermometer near the exhaust fans and record the temperature, and then use a Noise app on your phone to record the DB level of the fans. Because it's clearly a problem they have no inclining to fix from a hardware design level, I would feel free to exaggerate those numbers in order to get Dell to approve the support call.

It genuinely could be a bad thermal sensor or something similar, but seeing as you've done everything you can do at this point, it's a hardware problem that they need to come out and fix.

I see you’re looking for technical assistance. If you require our help, you could initiate a private/direct message with us, and we’d be glad to assist you.

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If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session. Currently only available in the USA.

Hereby an update: DELL-Cares helped me out with private messages:

- Setup the driver for the Intel dynamic tuning (It its purpose is automated thermal control and fan regulation).
This probably is a general feature and will probably be beneficial. It did not fix the fan or heat.

- Disable Turbo Boost within BIOS. (Startup-F2-Settings-Performance- Intel Turboboost) After the turbo boost was disabled my Fan noise went to an acceptable level. The heating is probably also a bit less, but I think this is more a design issue. I would never have put the fan to the left side of the keyboard as it is close to my pink. So hope in future it will be at the back again. I asked DELL-Cares if heat could be diminished a little.

Anyway, no continuous fan noise since 2 hours (great!!!), so if heat can be a downsized a little I can finally enjoy my laptop.



I have replied to you from a private message.




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If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session. Currently only available in the USA.

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We have purchased many of these laptops and they have this issue (after being re-imaged), the fan seems to be running at maximum all the time, they get incredibly hot to the touch on the left side of the laptop. I have solved this on the laptops by doing the following things:

-Get Intel Support Assistant and install all the driver updates it recommends

-Get Dell Command Update and install all the driver updates it recommends

-Make sure the Intel Management Technology is up to date

-Get all the Windows Updates, include optional driver updates

-Install the newest Thunderbolt driver (some of these things don't get resolved by the Intel Support Assistant or      Dell Command Update so you just have to force them by getting the drivers from Dell.)

-Install the Thunderbolt Firmware Update

-Turn off the TurboBoost in the BIOS

-Install Intel Dynamic Tuning (This is never automatically installed by anything you have to get it.)

-Install the latest BIOS update


** I did all of these operations on two different Dell Latitude 5511s that were having this high heat/max fan problem today, and they now both run Windows with no fan noise, and the left side of the laptop near the fan is basically room temperature when the laptop is idle. It makes a world of difference and I am posting this so that it is clear that a constantly running fan and large amount of heat is NOT a normal operating mode for this laptop. It can be fixed, I am not sure which thing in all of this is the magic bullet but it does fix the problem.


Thank you @RKSR9997 for your solution.  I did the following based on your solution and so far it has made a major difference in the amount of heat my Latitude 5511 is generating.

  1. Run the Dell updater via the support web site. <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell> My laptop was way out-of-date as there were 16 updates which took considerable time to download and install (over an hour), so be aware of that before starting.  One of the updates triggered a restart and BIOS update.  Most of the applications mentioned in @RKSR9997 's list installed as part of the update.
  2. Disable TurboBoost in the BIOS.  I may turn this back "on" to see if it matters, but as part of the fix I turned it "off".
  3. Run the Intel Driver & Support Assistant.  This tool was installed as one of updates in Step 1, I didn't need to install it separately.  I did, however, have to click the icon in the Windows 10 icon menu (lower right corner) to open the updater and it installed 3 updates (of which 2 of them were not related to this fix.)
  4. Restart.  As a true test, turn off the laptop and let it cool down for an hour.  Then turn it on again and see if anything changed.  

Upon turning my laptop on this morning, it was about an hour before the fan turned on to a noticeable level.  (Up until now, the fan would go on full-blast within minutes of turning on the laptop and got very hot almost instantly.)  Once the fan eventually did turn on, the air coming out is only warm, not blazing-hot like it's been since I got the laptop.

Awesome, this solved my issue for the most part but now that I'm hooked up to my dell dock + external monitor fans are still blazing. I haven't turned off TurboBoost yet because I am afraid that would make the computer too slow. 

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