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DCU version 4.1.0 unable to retrieve system inventory information on Latitude E6230

I'm running Win 10 Pro, 64-bit OS on my Latitude E6230 and lately the Dell Command Update will not complete and displays: "unable to retrieve system inventory information." I've uninstalled & re-installed both Dell-Command-Update-Application-for-Windows-10_DF2DT_WIN_4.1.0_A00 and Dell-Command-Update-Application_P5R35_WIN_4.1.0_A00 execution files with no luck. Any suggestions please?

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That's good to hear -  the reason was a few posts up and the IT team at Loomis will be glad they've helped.

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The workaround with McAfee didn't work for me and my company experiences this issue with many different models, I have the 5510.

Suddenly today it is working, no idea why..! 

That's brilliant - good to hear.

Can confirm, it is working for me now. Thanks Original_Enigma!

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Happy Friday everyone!

IT Dept at my company did some work with McAfee over the past three days and with the latest definitions update that McAfee have released DCU should not fall foul of unnecessary attention or restriction - it is working again for me as of the date/time of this post. 

Please update your McAfee and see how it goes for you now - thanks to all those who've shared and contributed to identifying both cause and the resolution.

Keep safe,


Any news about it? I find it weird to have to disable some system protection just to check for updates...

It already broke again.

Further info, I had to uninstall the McAfee Threat Prevention and Adaptive Threat Protection pieces for DCU to start working again on my PC. I reinstalled them and did another DCU check, it was successful but I don't know how long it will stay that way.

In my previous post, the PC in question is an OptiPlex 7060.

Additional info, I tested DCU on another PC (OptiPlex 5080) and got the same results. I also tried to update BIOS to v1.4.0 with the standalone executable and got an "Unable to find OS Protocol Access Interface" error. In this case, disabling McAfee ENS AMSI allowed the update to go through.

We recently updated to McAfee ENS and since that time DCU has stopped working. I've tried disabling AMSI with no change, then disabled everything in ENS but still no change.

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