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Dual External Monitors with Latitude 7240

Latitude 7420

We have a Latitude 7240 and would like to connect two external monitors without a docking station if possible.  The laptop had a HDMI port as well as a DisplayPort port.  Is it possible to run 


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Looks like my message was cut off... and this entire site looks very strange for some reason... let me try again...
The laptop has a HDMI port as well as a DisplayPort port. Is it possible to run monitors on these two ports simultaneously? Thank you!
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Thanks for another disappointing Dell Community experience.  

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The answer is yes, you can output to both simultaneously -- bear in mind though, that answer is a generic one to the generic question.  You won't be driving two ultra-high resolution monitors with this 8-year old ultrabook, though.  It won't be able to keep up with that.


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