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Unacceptable Customer Service

I have started a service request with Dell Tech Support at the beginning of June. The audio port on a new laptop won't detect any device connected. I thought it would've been a simple repair process, but it is August now and I'm not sure when this will be resolved. After going through the trouble shooting on the phone a couple of times, onsite tech was dispatched to replace the board. That didn't help and the replaced board came with a Windows Home key code where the laptop was ordered with Pro. I was asked to send the laptop to the repair center. When it came back, it still had the same issue and still Home version. Another round of trouble shoot over the phone and the tech support asked me to send it to the repair center again. Even though I already provided all the details to the tech support, this time I noted in the return package "Please load Windows Pro". It came back with Home version again. This laptop supposed to be a production machine for business use. I asked for it to be replaced. Dell do not want to replace it and sends another onsite tech to swap the board. At least the right board is used, it has Pro key code. After a couple of days the laptop won't power on anymore. Finally Dell started a replacement process on July 22. Each time I have called or email back to follow up I was told I will have some confirmation on the progress within 48 hrs. I never got any update. I asked for a supervisor or manager to be copied on the emails. They wouldn't do it and told me no one can speak to me. This is just crazy, I never had an experience like this with Dell. A newly purchased business use laptop out of commission for 2 months and no one could help to expedite the process.

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