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2000FP MONITOR -- can brightness be turned down?

I received 2000 FP in 2002  with new Dimension 8200 desktop.    Monitor was replaced  (exact model)  within about one year,  under warranty by Dell.

Is there a way to decrease the overall brightness of the screen,   just slightly?      I seem to recall adjusting this in the past but   do not recall how to do it.


Reason:     1--  Appearance sometimes looks too bright as in  very slightly washed out type of effect.     It is very slight however,   not a major issue.

                      2---   Sometimes the monitor just goes blank (black)  for no apparent reason.     When this happens,  I depress the power button on the monitor,   turn it off,   and then turn it back on.   It always comes  back on.          It has done this for quite some time.       At one point it stopped doing this for several months,  but,   then it resumed this behavior.         Some days are worse than others,  it usually does this several times per day.        In any case,     researching into black out  problem,    there was mention of it being remedied  by turning down the brightness.  

I just changed the cable that connects monitor to tower,   because I had one on hand.    The result was much less problem today,  it only went off once.

If anyone is knowledgeable with regard to this,    your assistance would be appreciated,   thank you.



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Re: 2000FP MONITOR -- can brightness be turned down?

Did you look in the Monitor OSD(On Screen Display) ?

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