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2007WFP, really dim

I have recently got a new monitor and have been noticing how dim my 12 year old 2007WFP is compared to it (using both for dual-monitor setup). I was looking around on the inter-web and I saw a discussion on here about one of these dimming from age. That post was in 2008. My question is the dimness from its age or some other factor? I have looked in the Service Menu for the time used and its at 65535 hours and 35 minutes? But also read that that was time just plugged in and that there was a different menu that has actual time used? The menu I see says V1B11 and LPLWSXGA LM201W01. Is that the menu that has actual time used or just time plugged in? Any help is appreciated!  

* Edit, forgot to mention what monitor the other one I'm comparing brightness too its a  Acer KG1 Series KG271U bmiippx (UM.HX1AA.011)

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