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AW2518HF, central area oval figure

Hi, recently I've bought this model from a local retailer and experienced this strange oval figure in the center of the screen. In about a week I got this model replaced with exact same one, and got almost the same oval figure in the center. Photo #1 - 1st monitor and #2 - 2nd monitor. So, I am wondering, is it ok or should I replace the 2nd monitor as well?
IMG_5630.JPG1st monitorIMG_5663.JPG2nd monitor

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Re: AW2518HF, central area oval figure

* Click my name and private message me both of the AW2518HF service tag numbers and 20 digit alphanumeric serial numbers


First, turn the room light ON. Dell monitors are not validated in a full dark room. Dell Consumer monitors are inspected at 150lux ambient lighting (similar to typical office lighting). Dell UltraSharp monitors are inspected with a tighter criteria of 70lux ambient lighting (dimly lit room but not completely dark).


Second, once the room light is on, run the disconnected from PC video card AW2518HF Built-in Diagnostics (page 52) on both AW2518HF. Post pictures of the gray, red, green, blue, black, and white screens. Based on those pictures, I will tell you if these AW2518HF pass our manufacturer uniformity policy.


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