Dell 1025TM Monitor menu is locked - how to unlock?

Hey, I dont know how I managed it, but my monitor menu is locked. Whenever I goto the menu, only one option is available and the screen is all scrambled. When I try to reset the monitor a key icon appears at the bottom left corner of the screen. How do I turn this off?

Cheers - Leon

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Re: Dell 1025TM Monitor menu is locked - how to unlock?

Try pressing and holding the Reset button for at least two seconds; this should reset all graphics modes to default settings. If that still does not work, and the OSD is scrambled, the monitor itself may be experiencing a problem.
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Re: Dell 1025TM Monitor menu is locked - how to unlock?


I had this same problem. Dell told me to get a new monitor. 3rd time in three tries they got a tech support question wrong.

Apparently, this monitor is sensitive to perturbations such as computer crashes and other phenomena. Unfortunately, because the nature of the scrambling may vary, so may the solution. Try this: bring up the OSD menu, and the options submenu (the only one you can get to when the OSD is locked like this). While holding the left contrast button, press and hold the reset button for several seconds. If this doesn't work, try using other buttons in concert with the reset button until you hit the combination appropriate for your particular scrambling problem.

Good luck.... and don't be too quick to go out and buy a new monitor. I am of the view that Dell technical support is not as dedicated as the user to protect your investment.



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