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Need Advice on Planar PX171M vs PL171M

I ordered a Planar PX171M when it was on sale.  I watched the order status page and it hadn't ever shipped even though it was listed as being shipped on or before the estimated ship date.  On the day after the estimated ship date I called to ask the status.

The rep ended up cancelling the order and placing a new one.  I kept asking to make sure that he was ordering the PX and he assured me he was.  I just received the monitor and it is a PL instead.  I ordered two so I have two that weren't what I was expecting.

I wanted the height adjustment which is not on the PL but am trying to decide if I want to spend the hours on the phone getting this taken care of.  Too make matters worse, now that I look more closely at the email I received, it did list the PL.  I was too tired as it was late and a difficult call native language wise so I didn't look closely enough at the email.  (My bad)

I'm a mostly office apps user but do have family members who visit and do some gaming.  Will this PL be really bad for gaming?   I'm not sure what the other differences are as I can no longer find the PX listed online.  Can any of you shed some light on the differences between the two monitors?

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