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P2418D, vertical green line

Hello Chris,

My Windows computer crashed today, and when I force restarted it there was a green vertical line on the monitor (P2418D, 23.8-Inch Widescreen IPS LED Monitor,purchased 2 years ago). The monitor is connected via HDMI.

I run the self-test and the line is still there in all colors configurations - apart from green of course. Also, the line is still there in DP input. I also updated my video card drivers and the line is still there. 

I noticed several other people had similar issues and it may be a screen issue per se. It's just very odd to me that it appeared immediately after my PC crashed. The monitor has worked brilliantly since day 1. I did not move the monitor, HDMI cable, or computer when it crashed and I force restarted it. 

I would really appreciate some advice. There is a "3-Year Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee". I purchased it from Amazon UK on 6 March 2018, but I am now in Melbourne Australia. The monitor was sent from UK to Australia in July and has, really, had no problems at all - so it is not the transfer. 

Thank you very much Chris and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,



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Re: P2418D, vertical green line

* Turn the P2418D off
* Disconnect every cable from the P2418D (including power cable)
* Press and hold the P2418D power button for 8 seconds
* Reconnect only the power cable to the P2418D
* Post out here pictures of the disconnected from PC Built-in Diagnostics (page 52) colored screens (gray, red, blue, black, white) showing the green line

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P2418D 20 digit serial number
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