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Policy: Dell AMD FreeSync monitors and Nvidia

Dell is not going to test/validate the following Dell AMD FreeSync monitors (AW2518HF, D2719HGF, S2418H/HN/HX/NX, S2419HM, S2719DC, S2719DGF, S3220DGF) with Nvidia video cards, drivers, or the usage of Nvidia G-Sync.

When using a Dell AMD FreeSync monitor with a Nvidia video card, all we will do is verify that the AMD FreeSync monitor functions at its maximum resolution using 60Hz.

Dell will only test/validate/support the usage of AMD FreeSync and > 60Hz with AMD video cards that have an HDMI 2.0 out port or DP 1.4 out port.

The exceptions to this policy at this time are these AMD FreeSync/G-Sync compatible monitors; S2419HGF, AW2720HF, AW5520QF, AW2521HF, AW2521HFL. Read this, Dell AMD FreeSync Monitors that also support Nvidia G-Sync.

What is the difference between a G-Sync monitor and a G-Sync compatible monitor?

Note: a G-Sync compatible monitor is in reality an AMD FreeSync monitor which has passed certain Nvidia tests to provide an acceptable experience such as adequate variable refresh rate range, no flicker, blanking, artifacts etc. Since it is effectively piggy-backing on the AMD FreeSync capabilities and everything is done at the software level, a G-Sync compatible monitor will not offer the full range of G-Sync features as listed above. For example, full variable refresh rate range, variable overdrive, etc.



Before any monitor exchange happens, you must replicate any Windows or game issue found using a validated AMD FreeSync video card.

The above Dell AMD FreeSync monitor requirements =
- A certified AMD FreeSync monitor
- Connect the AMD FreeSync monitor using either the video card HDMI 2.0 out port or DP 1.2 out port
AMD Radeon RX 460/470/480/560/560X/570/570X/580/580X/590/Vega
AMD Radeon R9 285/290/290X/295X2/360/FuryX/Vega
- A compatible AMD FreeSync Catalyst graphics driver

* Connect the Dell AMD FreeSync monitor using either the AMD video card HDMI 2.0 out port or DP 1.4 out port
* Check the monitor Menu for an option to Enable FreeSync
* Open the AMD Catalyst Control Center
* Open Properties (Digital Flat-Panel)
* Enable AMD FreeSync technology (or DP Adaptive-Sync)
* Click Apply

Policy: AW2518H and AW2518HF and video cards