S2716DG - Issue Recognizing HDMI Devices

Hi everyone,

Im encountering an issue I have seen a few posts about and Im trying to find a resolve. I'm 99% sure a firmware update is needed, but hopefully someone here has a better idea.

If I plug in any of the following devices via HDMI, I seem to encounter an odd issue. The screen will either stay black but remain powered on or flicker the correct image coming from the device. 

Nintendo Switch, MacBook Pro (latest and previous generations), Lenovo Laptop

I have tested with 3 HDMI Cables and confirmed I am on the right input. I also disabled the power save mode as that was causing issues on my PC.

*** I found a workaround, but this shouldn't be required and will damage cables in the long run. ***

i have to turn the monitor off, unplug the HDMI, turn the monitor on, then plug the HDMI in. HDMI has to be plugged in after switching input it seems. 

Is there any chance that a firmware update can be available to resolve this?

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RE: S2716DG - Issue Recognizing HDMI Devices

It sounds like you have three HDMI out devices, all trying to use the single monitor HDMI in port. You cannot "hot swap" in a different HDMI device into the monitor. You must turn the monitor off, disconnect from the monitor the HDMI cable from device 1, connect to the monitor the HDMI cable from Device 2, turn Device 2 on, then turn the monitor on.

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