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U2515H, Vertical Colored Lines & Awful tech support

Bought a Dell U2515H with a 3 year warranty in January this year, whilst really happy with the image quality, it has sadly developed a fault in the past week. As seen in this photo (entire screen has vertical rgb lines across it).

This happens regardless of the computer/laptop connected and as shown in the photo they appear without any input at all. This is therefore not a problem related to a video card or faulty cable / connector and most likely a hardware fault with the monitor. The OSD is barely visible as a result, a factory reset / self test does not resolve the issue.

So I rang Tech support, I described the problem but before asking for the model number I was asked if was in front of the monitor and can I run the self test. I responded with no, but I have carried out several tests, if she would be so kind to describe them I would let her know the results (and pointed out the fruitlessness of any further "testing").

It clearly became a problem that I was not in-front of the monitor and the call centre person could not progress any further than her inflexible script would allow. Can I send you a picture? No. Can I describe the tests? No. Do you want to know the model number? "No. You probably damaged it accidentally", (what?!), call back when your at home. Do you want to help me? Yes....

You see this is not acceptable when you work hours outside of call centre hours and you take time in your lunch break to attempt to solve a problem you have.

Can someone help here? Is there a support email or anything of the sort? 

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RE: U2515H, Vertical Colored Lines & Awful tech support

All we in the USA have is the main link to the UK support site. We cannot control when they are open.

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